Photo Trip Report - Sep 19 to 22

19 Sep to 22 September 2009 - Beach Club Villas

Canon Rebel Xsi
Canon 24-105, Canon 10-22, Canon 70-200
Monopod, Tripod, polarizer, ND 1.8 (6 stops)

Getting there (by airplane) is *not* half the fun but flying gives us more time at WDW so it is the best overall choice for us.
I have seen the airlines insist on gate-checking any luggage that does not fit under the seat on a full flight. Because of this I limit my carry-on to a bag that will fit under the seat. Also because of that I have to limit my camera gear to 2-3 lenses, far less than many on this board carry.

For this flight we got good seats, stashed our luggage overhead, and were on our way, listening to a passenger behind us tell their neighbor *all* about DVC for the next 1:40!
At MCO Magical Express was waiting and we immediately headed for WDW!

Welcome to Beach Club Villas!

Our room was ready, an outside corner room with a huge verandah (for a studio) overlooking the villas pool!

While we were cleaning up and preparing for the day’s outing our checked luggage arrived, what service! We had a lunch reservation at Tokyo Dining so we were off to Epcot, where we needed to first purchase annual passes.

I carry a Crumpler $4MDH with a few add-ons but space is very limited. In hot weather (and it was *HOT*) I also carry a water bottle in the camera bag which usually limits me to one spare lens. Today’s arsenal was a 24-105 and 10-22, here is a well-dressed Disboards photographer ready for the heat, wearing all wicking type clothing:

As seen I wear my camera bag messenger style which means in crowds or gift shops I have to be mindful of how wide my hips have become, something I (and most guys) never really think about. The $4MDH is on my left, as in “Shift your cargo Dearie, show ‘em your larboard side”.

While in Japan we took a few photos, this one was through a window so it has some strange colors:

shopping at Mitsukoshi

walking around,

and we came across a bunch of Vikings drinking their way around the world (judging from how wasted they were in Japan we guessed they would not make it to the end).

At the American pavilion the fife and drum corps gave a great performance

and we took some boat rides with Vikings

and Donald

By now we were getting tired (we had been up and on the go since about 5:00 am) but not having sense enough to slow down I went out and took photos around Beach Club!

One of our favorite rooms in the villas, Breezeway:

I like motion blur, here is an 8 second exposure of a boat that just didn’t work:

and a 2 second version that worked better:

After taking photos at Beach Club it was about time to clean up and get ready for a Hollywood Brown Derby dinner. We arrived a little late and had to wait for a table which meant we would be leaving the park over an hour after closing time. Since we already missed the last boat there was no reason to hurry so we took a bunch of photos around Hollywood Boulevard.

and this one to show that yes, I will lay down in the street to get a photo:

Since we were so late the bus dispatcher sent for the “special bus”, bringing back school day memories! We arrived back at Beach Club just in time to see the last of “Illuminations” and take a few more photos before calling it a night. These 5:00am mornings are rough!